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What is Going on...and Why?

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You may be asking yourself and others these questions regarding everything we see happening around us in our own town and state, much less our nation and world abroad.
Is it just more of what has always gone on, but now we have instant media coverage, so it appears worse? Is it worse? Is it possible we are living in 'the end times' that the Lord Himself and his prophets and apostles speak of so much in the Bible?

Just yesterday the news in Little Rock was reporting on the final installation of the controversial 10 Commandments on the State Capitol grounds. After a long process of legal and political steps, it was finally completed without 'requiring' a statue of the Satanists' Baphomet idol next to it with little children looking up to the thing. Now less than 24 hours later, someone one drove a vehicle onto the capitol grounds and destroyed the 10 Commandments monument. The person who did it is obviously deranged, which still in no way justifies the action. I don't think what we are seeing here is 'business as usual' in this country. Things are changing and rapidly, and have been for some time.

As we look around us, even in small town Arkansas, we see signs of moral, spiritual and cultural decay. Every day the news and social media is gushing with killings, terrorism, drive by shootings, and on and on. Has the world simply gone mad? Maybe we are just focusing too much on the negative? After all there are a lot of really good things happening too, right?

To be fair, there are a lot of good things going on...and unfortunately, the bad always seems to overshadow the good. That said however, the good things happening don't cancel out the bad things. The apostle Paul told Timothy that 'in the last days' difficult times will come...

2 Timothy 3:1-10

We shouldn't be surprised by these things, as they have been foretold in God's Word to come about. Also, the Apostle Paul makes it clear in Romans 3 that humanity without the Lord is in desperate shape.

Romans 3:10-17

Sounds pretty bad, huh?  Well... it is, but there is HOPE!  Paul goes on to tell young Timothy these things in 2 Timothy 3...

2 Timothy 3:10-17

Many will say...'but we must have more faith in humanity than this!' I agree resoundingly...let us put our faith and hope in 'the man Jesus Christ, God's Son!’

John 3:16-21

I believe, Discerning the Times we live in is a must for us all as we seek to make sense of what's going on around us and seek to live lives that are centered on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...who was, and is, and is to come!!

This is why I am inviting you to join us on Saturday, August 11th at Fellowship for a Discerning the Times Bible Conference with Jeff Kinley.

Please check it out, register and make plans to join us!  This will be a great outreach event to our whole community, but participation starts with you!

Discerning the times flyer

Discerning the Times Conference Sign UpSign UpDiscerning the Times Conference Sign UpSign Up


Jesus Through the Bible

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jesus through the bible

Over the years in ministry I have noticed how many people comment that they don’t see the relation between the Old and New Testaments. Many don't realize that different attributes of how God relates to humanity are revealed in each book of the Bible.

You may have heard that every Bible passage ultimately points to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is the central focus of it all.

Enjoy this short video clip by Dr. Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship who takes us through a fast paced tour of Jesus through the Bible!

Timeless Savior

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western scene

John 8:48–59John 8:48–59 | Bible in a Year: Exodus 21–22; Matthew 19Exodus 21–22; Matthew 19

“Very truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!” John 8:58

Jeralean Talley died in June 2015 as the world’s oldest living person—116 years of age. In 1995, the city of Jerusalem celebrated its 3,000th birthday. One hundred sixteen is old for a person, and 3,000 is old for a city, but there are trees that grow even older. A bristlecone pine in California’s White Mountains has been determined to be older than 4,800 years. That precedes the patriarch Abraham by 800 years!

The History of Christmas Trees and Other Christmas Traditions

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christmas tree

They are everywhere! They start showing up at the big box stores as early as July. The Christmas trees, the decorations, the music, and the celebrations have overshadowed Thanksgiving, even encroaching upon the day itself with ‘early’ Black Friday blowout specials. People fill up on Thanksgiving dinner and then head out to stores to start shopping for the biggest season of the year. Some even camp out at the front door of big box stores to be first in line to get the best deals. What is all this focus on Christmas?

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