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Getting Started

Discover Fellowship is a 2-week class that meets at the church on 2 consecutive Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. and is designed to introduce our guests to Fellowship's vision, our mission as a church, and our passion of total life change through Jesus Christ-the reason we do what we do. Along the way you can meet our staff and volunteers, and find out how you can become a vital part of life at Fellowship. So join us and find out what we're all about.

Sessions begin with refreshments then feature a casual group discussion led by our Pastoral staff. At the conclusion of Discover Fellowship, you will have the opportunity to become a participating member of Fellowship Bible Church and/or join one of our small groups.

It is our hope that the Discover Fellowship experience will help you connect with Jesus Christ and His followers here at Fellowship. These experiences are designed to help you find a place where you can ask questions and get answers, build friendships and plant roots in a community of people who are following Christ together.

Come Join Us In The Journey

This is your invitation to OUR MISSION and YOUR DESIGN!

In Discover Fellowship, we will discuss 3 Questions:

  1. What kind of church are we?
  2. Where are you on your journey?
  3. Where do I go from here?

Your Discover Fellowship experience consists of 2 parts:

  1. Our Mission: Who we are and where we are going
  2. Your Design: Who you are and where you are going

The Discover Fellowship Process:

  1. Session 1: Our Mission
  2. Session 2: Your Design
  3. Your Commitment
  4. Equippng for Life: Empowered & Transforming

Core Values

Who We Are

For more information about Discover Fellowship, please call us at 870-741-3912 or use the contact form.

Giving My Life and Attention to God
Pursuing God to Transform My Life
Building My Relationships With Truth and Accountability
Living Generously With My God-Given Gifts

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