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Mission Statement

We exist to know God and inspire others to know God through irresistible lifestyles by equipping for influential works of service, encouraging growth and worship, and building community. ( Matthew 5:16; Ephesians 4:12)

Vision Statement

We desire to be Jesus-followers who live lives of irresistible influence, serving in influential ways, and investing in peoples lives helping to bring them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19)

Impact Statement

We desire to impact the world by:

  1. Getting the attention of someone who does not know Jesus through irresistible lifestyles and influential works of service
  2. Addressing a felt-need of that person
  3. Providing practical help to that person based upon their felt-need
  4. Bridging from their felt-need to the Hope of Jesus
  5. Sharing the Hope of Jesus Christ and tell them the difference Jesus can make in their lives
  6. Providing a means for them to respond to the Good News

True Life Change

The bible gives important information about the process of life change. In these inspired pages, God clearly communicates that the path to lasting freedom is in pursuing a life with Christ as the center.

True life change happens when:

  • I am passionately committed to Jesus Christ,
  • I base my life on biblical standards,
  • I am evangelistically bold,
  • I am socially responsible,
  • I am financially faithful,
  • I am accountable to others,
  • I am morally pure, and
  • I am family-centered in every area of my life.

The Equipping Church

Giving My Life and Attention to God
Pursuing God to Transform My Life
Building My Relationships With Truth and Accountability
Living Generously With My God-Given Gifts

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